Natural Gemstone ChaCha Wrap Bracelet


believe.   3Rs.   calm.

Each precious gem is infused with positive vibration & beautiful earth energy.

The enchanting au naturel handcrafted wrap bracelet is inspired by Charisse Marei to empower & unify young girls & women around the world.

Embrace the sweet serenity of the powerful yet gentle stones. Wear to . . .

  • heighten conscious awareness
  • enhance well-being
  • soothe your mind
  • embrace inner joy, clarity, acceptance, love
  • speak your truth

The clasp-free wrap design empowers you to put on and off with ease. Made with the finest gemstone, sea glass, rare ancient and silver materials.

Layer wraps! ChaCha wraps are the perfect complement to the other. Choose the same color pendant for all the special women in your life (unity). It’s certain to bring forth an abundance of love.

It’s a timeless treasure gift for young girls & women you love

  • Natural Gemstone ChaCha Wrap Bracelet
  • Intention card
  • Average/Large Size

Features: A timeless clasp-free wrap design in an array of natural, ancient, & rare materials ranging in color, texture, size, and shape. It captivates with shades of pale blue Angelite and iridescent green aventurine gemstones, tranquil shades of rare ancient glass, and accents of fine silver swirls. The free-form pendant and dangling minis—”3Rs” adorn the hand with a gentle swoosh & delicious splash of color.


Materials: Repurposed, recycled, ancient & sea glass, Angelite gemstones (calming energy), green aventurine gemstones (stone of opportunity), variations of silver to SS

                    The Fit

                    • Beautifully adorns the hand of a young girl up to adult
                    • Wrap bracelet, no clasp
                    • Wear snug (no movement) or loose (movement)
                    • 2 1/2” diameter (OM)
                    • Measure just above or below the wrist bone
                      • fits up to an 8 1/2″ wrist size 
                      • snug fit: 8 1/2″


                                      Clean using a dry cotton cloth. Store wrap in the organic pouch or jewelry box away from light. To maintain wrap keep away from water.

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