Eco Crystal & Rose Quartz Aromatherapy Diffuser


pretty.  pure.  precious.

Raise your vibration with our blend of shimmering crystals and botanical essential oil aromatherapy diffuser at home, work, and travel.

Inspired by Charisse Marei, the beautiful mini diffuser will beautify & purify, balance & harmonize the air you breathe and the space you occupy.

Take delight in the mindlessly gratifying botanical scents flowing from the shimmering crystal and rose quartz. To calm the mind, dip your fingers into the crystals & toss, toss, toss.

Display in the semi-sheer organic pouch or add to small specialty dishes.

It’s a lovely addition for—the bath, drawer & closet, shelf, by the kitchen sink & computer, in a purse & vehicle.

Treat yourself & dear ones!



    • Crystal & Rose Quartz Aromatherapy Diffuser
    • Mini product card


    • Eco-friendly white padded envelope


    • Contents 
      • clear crystal & rose quartz grade A mini-chip blend, prefilled in a sealed bag
      • glass vial: pure essential citrusy single oils, pre-filled—15+ drops
      • drip pad
      • natural, organic muslin drawstring pouch
    • Tiny & Durable: improves indoor air quality (IAQ), raises spirits, everlasting
      • Rose quartz – unconditional love
      • Crystal quartz – master of healing crystals
    • Eco-Friendly Practices: safe for you and our planet
    • Eco-Friendly Materials: quartz + pure essential oils
    • Made: woman-owned company in the U.S.A.

              How to Use

              1. Remove the inner bag, glass vial & mini drip pad
              2. Add quartz to a small decorative dish or into a muslin pouch
              3. Place pad on quartz & add drops of essential oil to the pad
              4. Refresh pad with essential oil as needed

                          Cleansing Care:

                          Place the crystal mini chips in a bowl and cleanse with slow running cool water. Sprinkle onto a lint-free organic cloth, air-dry in natural sunlight. Use a smudging stick to clear negative energy (optional).

                          *Keep the product away from children under five

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