Bendy Notebooks


bendy.   slim.   pretty.

Bendy is Bendable! It’s the sweetest little writing accessory to satisfy your ‘one room at a time’ organizational quest.

You will love the eco-friendly quality, simplistic thin design + delicious coordinating colors. Add notes, measurements, to-do’s, and sketches for each room. It’s the perfect way to organize in style.

Its sleek colorful design is so lovely you'll want to pop it into your to-go bag!

Choose one or all three designs to suit your personal style story.

Pretty Pink Cover +  Blank Pages . . . to sketch up colorful expressions!

Delicious Green Cover + Dot Grid . . . to draw with a touch of realism!

Sky Blue Cover + Lined Pages . . . to take notes & create lists—home, work, school, shopping!


The sweetest little notebook for yourself & loved ones

    Bendy NoteBook
    60 pages of  100gsm Munken Kristall paper (lined or dotted)
    4 center pages of Colorplan paper (blank)
    One Room at a Time label

    5.12 x 8.15 x 3/16

    Features  . . .

    • center-sewn binding
    • slim & light & colorful
    • specify one for each room
    • organize lists
    • draw, sketch
    • pop one into a purse | school bag
    • place one in your vehicle
    • bring it to market | to a showroom

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