A Timeless Keepsake Journal - ebook


journal.   sketch.   dream.

In A Timeless Keepsake, Charisse Marei sets the stage with Feng Shui and essential elements to help you begin your journaling journey. She gathered some of her favored inspirational sayings and purposefully placed them on each page.

Infuse this journal with beautiful energy. Add sketches & splashes of color. Journal stories from years gone by, tap into the vibe of the present, or imagine what is yet to come.

Charisse’s whimsical color illustrations and inspirational sayings are sure to bring a touch of joy to your being.

  • Journal preparation & entry intention to guide the way
  • Eco-tips & checklists to keep clutter feelings at bay
  • Inspirational sayings sprinkled in angelic blue
  • Fantastical word creation section

the sweetest gift for yourself and a loved one!

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    A Timeless Keepsake Journal
    ebook options: google play, iTunes, kindle
    168 pages
    8.5" sq

    What's inside . . .

    • Introduction
    • Preparation to journal
    • Journaling checklist
    • Intentions
    • Using A Timeless Keepsake
    • Eco-Tips
    • Feng Shui & inspirational section introductions
    • Inspirational sayings
    • Fantastical word creation checklist

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